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How counselling and psychotherapy can help

About Counselling

Counselling can help in dealing with specific issues e.g. a relationship difficulty or work issue in a safe, supportive setting. Our work together would involve helping you to become aware of your feelings, thoughts and patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful and those that are helpful leading to you having a choice of options, learning new skills and strategies to resolve problems and to develop better ways of relating and communicating. Alternatively it can be a means of support while recovering from a significant life event as you are listened to and heard. Although talking with friends and family can help, a trained counsellor can be invaluable in helping to unravel problems because they are not directly involved in the situation.

About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy tends to be longer term and addresses deeper issues. We would use our therapeutic relationship and what is happening outside our sessions to enable us to focus on deepening your understanding of how your past experiences affect you in the here and now. We may work through childhood issues or a current crisis to help you identify what you want for the future. We will explore and endeavour to resolve any unhelpful patterns of relating to enable you to be free to move forward and to have more rewarding relationships.

How we work together will depend on your own individual needs, but both ways of working can enable you to discover new choices, focus on change and find clarity.

The process of counselling can help you to feel more in control of your life choices, increase your sense of empowerment leading to greater ability to lead a more fulfilling life and improved relationships.

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